Classic City Tours

Tour of the old town (1 1/2 hours)

"Whetting your appetite" to find out more about Weimar's past and present is the goal of this leisurely walk. Look at the picturesque setting of the old town centre while strolling along the most famous landmarks and sights of "Classical Weimar". Gain some insight into Weimar's history, art and culture during this entertaining and informative excursion.

1-4 persons: € 100 / 5-20 persons : € 125 (+€ 8 for each additional person, max. 30)

Morning Walk with Coffee and Cake Specialities (2 hours)

We begin our morning with a very special breakfast. During its course, you're going to "savour" a variety of typical Thuringian cake specialities. Afterwards, let's discover the awakening town together while walking through the old town centre and the Park on the river Ilm. 4-10 persons 9.00am (except Sundays), bookings at least one week in advance.

1-3 persons (on request) / 4-10 persons: € 55 per person

Classic city walk (2 hours)

Let me take you back in time into "the Weimar world" of literature, music, painting and architecture. Discover how Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism and Bauhaus shaped this beautiful townscape. Get to know the stories and anecdotes about the "four Weimar giants". Find out about the liberal rulers who influenced Weimar's history. Sense its "cosiness" and "cosmopolitanism". In a nutshell, explore this unique "Kosmos Weimar"!

(1-4 persons: € 115 / 5-20 persons : € 140 (+€ 9 for each additional person, max. 30)

Evening Stroll and a Glass of locally produced Wine (1 1/2 hours)

Having just arrived in Weimar, this leisurely stroll through its enchanting old town centre sets the mood to discover some of its hidden treasures. The walk is rounded off with a nice glass of wine from a local winery. And afterwards, you're more than welcome to linger on and enjoy the rest of your evening. 4-12 persons, 6 pm May-September, 5pm October-April, bookings at least one week in advance.

1-3 persons (on request) / 4-12 persons: € 60 per person

The ultimate XXL-Tour of Weimar

This extensive tour (approx. 4 hours) doesn't provide you with a general overview but with in-depth information and intriguing insights into "the spirit and soul of Weimar".

Wander through the narrow streets of the old town, stroll around the picturesque "English landscape" Park on the Ilm with Goethe's "Gartenhaus" as its hub, amble along UNESCO-listed Bauhaus buildings (Haus am Horn), "capture" the city's unique atmosphere and end this walk at the "Quarter of Weimar modernism" with its newly opened Bauhaus Museum. Find in its close proximity traces of Weimar's ambivalent 19th and 20th century history; the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich (Gauforum) and also the GDR have left their political and architectural marks. So, be prepared for a walk through the ages with a guaranteed"wow factor"!

1-4 persons: € 235 / 5-20 persons : € 300